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Mall walking

 We girls went to the UCM to mall walk. Leslie brought us there and back. =) I still have my 2DS but the thing is, when I dropped it Sunday night, the case cracked a bit, so Coll is going to Chand to see what he can do with my 2DS. I love my Colleen <3

I hope Les comes to clear the driveway of ice so we don't slip and land on our keister at bowling lol... if there is more ice on the roads/my driveway by Friday, I am going to freak out. I hate ice in the wintertime here. Like really y'know? X_X

I think that we are having either mac n cheese or beef stroganoff or fettucini alfredo. Personally I prefer the fettucini but you never know until you know....

I need to relax bc I am getting a headache. =/

Sam out.
Tags: broken 2ds, pasta, ucm
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